Ep. 2: Making Boudie Friends (and Bloopers)

As a boudoir photographer, are you more of a bubble-dwelling hermit, or are you a social (media) butterfly? On this week’s episode, Jamie and Courtney discuss their differences in this area, and how they ultimately agree that networking is a good thing, even if it’s easier for some (ahem…Jamie) than others. To help prove their point, the Girls interviewed three amazing boudoir photographers, Elizabeth Zimmerman, Jen Swedhin, and Tamara Paskey-Alexander, who all live in different cities, but met through social networking and subsequently formed a friendship so strong that not only do they now help each other out professionally, but they recently got matching tattoos!

Oh! And there are some pretty funny “Boudie Bloopers” at the end of this episode, which could potentially become a regular segment of Boudie Talk if Jamie and Courtney can’t get their shit together…

Until next time…
XoXo – The Adore Girls

***Views expressed in interviews by others in this podcast do not reflect the views of The Adore Girls***

Show Notes:

The Adore Girls, Nashville TN
Website     Facebook     Instagram

Elizabeth Zimmermann – Torrid Boudoir, Austin Texas
Website     Facebook     Instagram

Tamara Paskey – Paskey Boudoir, Dallas Texas
Website     Facebook    Instagram

Jen Swedhin – Jen Swedhin Photography
Website     Facebook     Instagram

Jen Swedhin – Jen Gets Shit Done (Retouching)

AIBP – Association of International Boudoir Photographers
Website     Facebook     Instagram


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