Ep 1: The Revolution Begins!

Check, check…is this thing on? Hey, everyone! Welcome to the very first episode of Boudie Talk, a podcast that focuses (pun intended) on boudoir photography! We are your hosts, photographer/business owner, Jamie Pfister, and photographer/videographer, Courtney Bell (aka The Adore Girls).

Our studio assistant/co-founder/set designer, Lindsey Gregory, joins us in the studio today to help give a general run-down about what boudoir photography is (for those of you who are unfamiliar) and explain why we’ve decided to start an entire podcast about this genre of photography. Of course, we go off on a million tangents along the way (typical), and we may have even invented a drinking game in the process, but hopefully we’ll get our points across when it’s all said and done.

So, pour yourself a mimosa, sit back, and enjoy our very first episode of Boudie Talk! (Just please don’t judge the technical quality of our audio or our sometimes tongue-tied hosting skills too harshly. We promise, it will get better!)

XoXo- The Adore Girls

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***Views expressed in interviews by others in this podcast do not reflect the views of The Adore Girls***

Show Notes:

Mentioned Photographers –

Lindsey Gregory – Lucid Linds Photography

Natalie Kita Boudoir

Kelly Stafford with The Boudoir Belle

Ewan Phelan
Do More. Wear Less / Do More Photographers
Do More Photographers Facebook Group
Do More Forum

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Song title is Bounce.
You can purchase Bounce and other royalty-free music written exclusively for Boudoir at theadoregirls.com/musicshop

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